Winter Soldiers Arise – December 2017

By Stephanie Butler | Shekhinah International

A Prophetic Prayer Alert for immediate release! Calling all winter soldiers, those willing to forge on in the most arduous of conditions! Now is the time to prepare and crossover! Our local Prophet woke to a waking dream on December 18, 2017. She heard, “Washington crossing the Delaware.”

Washington Crossing the Delaware

I had been reading a book about George Washington and his leadership during the battles of Trenton and Princeton in 1176. He was basically underfunded, under supported and mocked by many of the new colonies leaders. They gave him and impossible task and did not give him the resources necessary to accomplish it. There is a video on youtube called “the 10 days that changed the world.” while very dry, it’s historical accuracy is vital to understanding this word. It has significant prophet parallels to the church in this hour. I hear Father saying to alert His people to pray between December 25th, 2017 to January 3rd, 2018. These 10 days parallel the dates of these victorious battles at Trenton and Princeton. We are in a war for our nation to ensure the advancement of the kingdom of God and our liberty and freedoms to worship and uphold righteousness in our land- much as they were in their day!

There were two battles at Trenton and then a final victory on January 3rd at Princeton. These warriors were not funded by the congress they served, they survived by the donations from Philadelphia – the city of love. Washington almost turned back because the troops were so few, many were sick and they did not have the necessary provisions, but instead they forged onward! We submit that Father God is saying, “Winter Soldiers Arise, Cross-over, this battle is not for the summertime soldiers but for those who have remained true to His Kingdom cause and have been strengthened to continue in-spite of life threatening conditions. Find your officer and stay close. This is not a time for generals to stay home, you must lead your troops!

These 10 days are vital to the future of our Nation! ADVANCE NOW!” it is also important to note they went on to fight for 6 years before finishing the battles all together and securing Americans freedom. Spiritually that would take us through 2024 the same year we expect the 2nd American Eclipse after the one just 7 years prior in 2017.