Here at Shekhinah we follow the Hebrew Calendar. We believe that there are biblical and prophetic things that align with the Hebrew Calendar. Additionally we believe when we align with the Hebrew Calendar that it opens the opportunity to learn, grow and become more in sync with God and what He is doing in the body of Christ. Please download the Hebrew Months Calendar and follow along with us.

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Inspiring, challenging and brutally honest. Stephanie Butler paints a beautiful and yet candid picture detailing the courage, perseverance and tenacity required to unite and transform cities WITH Christ! She penned a resounding cry to Christians challenging them to shift the way we are doing life as the Church.

In a Braveheartlet us march forward together style, she challenges readers while providing practical insight for ways to overcome issues of disunity and division. If you are looking for a way to change the world, you must read this book. In this book she details the attributes required to make an indelible difference in cities worldwide. She provides practical keys any leader can apply to overcome the ever-so-present division and disunity we must face to see their city Transformed WITH Christ!

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