The Screaming Eagles! – June 2018 

Laura McMurtry |Prophet|Shekhinah International

Hello all this is the summer 2018 installment of the On Eagles Wings Blog. As I continue to grow On Eagles Wings, I would love to hear your God-thoughts on my blog-thoughts! As we are now six months into 2018, I am continuing to hear and see more in regards to unity and transitions.


I hear Father God saying “the way out is through!” In May, I attended a conference on awakening the glory where the religious spirit was literally uprooted in our city before my very eyes. During a time of prayer, after we reset the atmosphere, the young visionary shared about Peter being the little rock compared to Jesus who was the Big Rock.  Immediately I heard “Little Rock” the city in Arkansas. I said, “Father, what are you trying to show me?” Little did I realize that the revelation He was going to give me was connected to this region. I started researching the city Little Rock and its history. God brought to mind the Little Rock Nine. The Nine were the first brave African American students who volunteered to integrate into the first high school called Little Rock Central High in September 1957 in Little Rock Arkansas. They were the generation that lead the way and confronted systemic racism in the schools following the Brown vs the Board of Education Supreme Court decision which declared segregation illegal in the USA in 1954.  Little Rock Central was the one of the first high schools in the south to begin enforcing the decision made by the Supreme Court.

I learned that the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne were brought in to support the Little Rock nine, keeping them protected as they attended class the first month of integration. Psalm 91:4 says, “He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge. His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” Just like these screaming eagles were there to protect these students, God is watching over His pioneers in this season. We are safe as we take cover under His wings. The 101st Airborne were later utilized for a brief period of time to train the Arkansas National Guard. The Guard was left to manage the school for the remainder of the year. From the outside things looked orderly, but inside the hallways things were far from peaceful. 

Each of the young people knew integration would be a sacrifice. They understood there would be difficult times, but it wasn’t clear just how difficult until that day came. I hear the Father saying “The way out is through.”  During this process I discovered a divine connection to our region.  Mr. Ernest Green, a senior and the oldest of the Little Rock nine, suffered much persecution at the hand of students and teachers. He was later offered a full ride scholarship from John Hannah, the President of Michigan State. I find it prophetic that it was the president of our University that offered the scholarship. Also, a friend mentioned today – John means “beloved” and “Hannah” means joy. It is almost as if God is saying what joy your sacrifice brings me my beloved.

Later, I watched “The Ernest Green Story.” I ascertained these students suffered death threats, constant mocking as well as physical and emotional abuse on a daily basis. For some it was too burdensome. One young lady’s parents pulled her out. These remaining 8, took a courageous stand leading the way for the next generation. Notice we are currently in the Hebrew year 5778. There are some who are called to fight the wars at the gate of 8. I can only imagine how much character it required to persevere amidst such persecution. I was humbled as I watch those brave, beautiful, young people make history in America. They stood up for what they believed, in spite of the cost.

After watching the Ernest Green Story, I realized that God was continuing to speak to us about the racial reconciliation and healing happening in our nation. Its hard believe for me personally, that what took place in Little Rock occurred a little over 50 years ago America. We as a nation still have not healed the wounds from the past.


Now is not the time to retreat behind closed doors! The way out is through! This is the year of the Gate. We are not to live in our separatist gated communities. We must be intentional to come out from behind our racially segregated closed doors.

Holy Spirit brought to my attention that Mr. Green will be returning to the Lansing region in October 2018.  He will be the Grand Marshall of the Homecoming Parade, themed “Celebrating Unwavering Courage.” This is timely in light of the courage being required of Christians in our nation today.

The way out is through! Warriors don’t retreat. We stand our ground. Some of you reading this are in a prophetic sense like the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne. You are being called up to come alongside our African American brothers and sister to see systems righted. Some of you reading this are like Ernest Green. No one can fight this fight for you but we can sure stand with you.

In Jesus name we decree, “Life, love and forgiveness, healing, grace and the courage to stand having done all to stand over our city, region and every state in our nation.”