No More Delay – April 2018

By Stephanie Butler | Shekhinah International

Encouragement for the Faithful

A Prophetic encouragement for the corporate Body of Christ! We must heed and shift and take up our place on the walls of our cities. This week I was given Ezekiel 12:28 from a dear woman in our congregation. It reads, “This is what the Sovereign Lord says: None of my words will be delayed any longer, whatever I say will be fulfilled.” When I first received it, I was so excited, because there are so many promises God has promised to fulfill this year. However, I couldn’t stop weeping when I read it in the context of the verse. Remember, cContext is key.

Warning to the Wavering

This verse falls right in the middle of God telling Ezekiel to do a prophetic act  representing the exiles of Israel to Babylon because of their rebellion toward God. Ezekiel had warned them, practically begged them, but they wouldn’t listen. On one hand God is encouraging those of us who have been faithful that we will receive all that He has promised us. On the other hand, God is warning those of us in the church to stop worshiping the spirit of Baal (through abortion) and to stop compromising our beliefs on traditional marriage (like Sodom and Gommorah) and to stop making our stomachs our God like Ahab. The promise for no more delay applies to both those who worship Him and those who were practicing a mixture of worshiping God and idols.

My heart is so grieved as I write these words today. This verse is followed immediately by a rebuke of the false prophets who are prophesying out of their own imagination and haven’t seen anything. God goes on to share why He was going to allow the exile. He said, “You have not gone up to the breaks in the wall to repair it for the house of Israel, so that it will stand firm in the day of battle on the day of the Lord.” Then He continues, “because of your false words and lying visions I AM against you” and then…” they lead my people astray, saying ‘peace’ when there is no peace because when a flimsy wall is built they cover it up with whitewash.” After basically rebuking the prophets for allowing mixture in the people and not helping the people become strong for battle, God continues to explain the purpose for the exile.

There Is A Redemptive Purpose in the Exile

“I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds and I will tare them from your arms. I will set free the people you ensure like birds. I will tear off their veils and save my people from your hands, and they will no longer fall prey to your power.” Then He goes into even more detail explaining why – this struck me because this issue is ramped in the church at large. A large percentage of christians look more like the culture than the church right now. God loves us so much.

He longs for us to look like His son. “Because you disheartened the righteous with your lies, when I had brought them no grief, and because you encouraged the wicked not to turn from their evil ways and so save their lives.” So then the Lord closes this word through Ezekiel by saying, “I will save my people from your hands (i.e. the hands of the false prophets) and then you will know that I am the Lord.” God so loves His people that He will not allow us to be passive or flattering leaders who lull His children into a disobedient stupor. Our job is to speak the truth in love and point them back to the cross for healing. We are to pray and encourage them to repent so they can be set free. They of course are free to choose, but as leaders this is our mandate to reconcile mankind to God. It is our job to help them discover and hunger for the very best God has for them. Philippians 1:9-11

God Loves His Children

I sense we are entering a similar season in this coming new Hebrew year 5779. God loves us so much He is not allowing leaders who are unwilling to lovingly confront others for their sake to lead in this next season. There is simply too much at stake. Now is the time to repent, watch for the shifts and be positioned or be removed. Choose wisely beloved. Lord have mercy on us, but His will be done. Grace us to say exactly what you want said with your heart Father God. Forgive us for when we have chosen to please man instead of you Abba.