Mantles Are Shifting

by Stephanie Butler | Shekhinah International

On 12-19-17 during my worship and prayer time, I heard “Mantles are shifting watch the next 6 months! Rejoice in the sending.” This word contained three components. 1. Mantles are shifting. Meaning that more grace and authority is available to those God has chosen to bestow it upon. The question is are we positioned to receive it. Are we walking in purity? Are we walking in surrender? Are we walking in love with our brothers and sisters? Can He trust us to do what He shows us, regardless of the cost to ourselves? Finally, Can He trust us to say what He tells us to say with His heart, regardless of the cost to ourselves and the opinions of others? We are coming into the hour when we are being called to go toe to toe with the enemy of our souls. Darkness is increasing, but so is the light. God is looking for those who will stand, having done everything to stand, but stand still – knowing that He is faithful and He will be exalted among the nations. 2. Watch the next 6 months. We must watch and pray for those on the frontlines. Those winter soldiers in this season who are risking everything for the sake of Christ! 3. Rejoice in the sending. There are Winter Soldiers who have proven true, stayed the course, passed the tests in this season who are being promoted. Be careful not to be offended as they move into the fullness of their callings. Celebrate with God’s best for them and remember their promotion means plunder for the entire body of Christ!

Those who have gone unnoticed by man but have prevailed in the spirit to bring great victories for the Kingdom of God. These individuals are being promoted, re-aligned and rewarded for their faithfulness. As leaders we want to celebrate these transitions. This is why we trained them to do great exploits in His name. The temptation will be to move in jealously, competition and or judgement. But watch and see, celebrate them, where there is love there is liberty. As you celebrate instead of criticize you will protect your relationship moving forward and benefit from the fruit of your labor in their lives.